I'll be yours forever, just tell me when to start

For the millionth time his gaze lingered at her, and his heart sighted. She was brilliant and fantastic and gorgeous, and he could not imagine the two of them together. She was so very different from himself, and he often thought to himself that perhaps they suited each other better this way; he admiring her from a safe distance, and she oblivious to his affections. Regardless of how heart breaking this thought was, he could not deny to himself that all she had to do was ask, and he should fall in love with her instantly.

Caroline Vagle

15.12.2011 kl.21:18

åh, fint


16.12.2011 kl.14:36

åh, du skriver de fineste tekstene Sun-sun <3


18.12.2011 kl.22:11

Tidenes nydeligste overskrift


19.12.2011 kl.12:37


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