Because we've all been spoken for

Soulmates, the other half, love of ones life. Some people carry half a bumper-car token from a county fair to remind themselves that somewhere is the girl that will be the other half. Someone seach through Paris and New York and Buenos Aires, one person at the time, to find that boy or that girl that will stroke their back and kiss their neck for the rest of their life. Some people carry with them a hope and a belief, like a golden fire in their chest, that is so strong they cannot imagine a future withour a happily ever after. Whether you believe in destiny or timing or coincidences, the truth is that we have all been spoken for. Among the millions of people living in this very moment, there she is, there he is.

Liv Mari

20.02.2012 kl.18:52

får frysninger hver gang jeg leser dette!

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