Blanket fort

The night felt so cold and unfriendly without the stars, so I arranged chairs and blankets into a blanket fort like I used to when I was a little girl and opened the window so that the fresh winter breeze could bring with it the scent of darkness into the room, and when I turned on the Christmas lights I had decorated the inside of the fort with and turned off all the other lights it felt like lying under the sky.

 He crawled in the window and lay down next to me, and his breath slowed down until we were breathing in union. It felt intimate and the silence started pounding at my head, so I made him coffee so he wouldn't fall asleep and have to spend the night because I would not wake him up. We drank the whole can and ran around the house until we were out of breath and our socks were wet from the snow and our noses red and our cheeks pink.

 Inside the stars were shining bright and the cool air took the colour from our faces so I closed the window. "It's just like camping in the mountains where you can se a million more stars than in the city," he said and used both his arms to keep the warmth in his torso from escaping. "Does it not feel less messy when you look at the world from underneath the stars?" I thought about it and decided that under the stars you could be in Paris or Valencia or Edinburgh because the sky looks (almost) the same and so you can be whoever you want to and all your dreams are becoming true in the flash of a shooting star, just like the song tell you and I wondered who I was at that moment and if all I wished for was true, because I didn't know my heart's desire.

 "I am the emperor of China in a lost time, and I would plant Magnolia liliiflora trees and hire hundreds of people all over the empire to continuously send Chinese lanterns towards the sky so that it would never run out of blazing stars," he said and I could feel that my quick gaze at him lingered with surprised admiration. "And I am a child of six years chasing the lanterns as if they were butterflies, with the soil damp under the soles of my bare feet." He looked at me. "I think this is a great time when China don't know of wars but dance with dragons in the street and have gongs to summon the family when it is dinner time."


He smiled and his eyes returned from the vision to the present time under the blankets. He kissed me as if kissing me was forbidden, which it was because the rules said that he was not allowed to kiss me and I was not allowed to kiss him, but I kissed him back and the kiss was more meaningful, more passionate and more sensual than any kiss because it could never happen, and would never happen, but it was happening. He was my heart's desire and I was his heart's desire and under the stars that were not actual stars but a chain of electrical light I had fetched from a box marked Christmas in the attic before he crawled through my window and before we ran around the house and before we were emperor and child from a lost time in China.


02.03.2012 kl.14:26

Gjett om eg skal lage sånnt fort og kysse. Ikkje ulovleg kyssing då.


10.03.2012 kl.17:53

så flink du er!

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