It never ceases to amaze me how quickly love forgets

They meet a dark January night and got together in March. The spring melted away the ice in their hearts and their love bloomed as dandelions sprouted in the ditch. The following year they filled with laughter, pancakes in the morning, silent car drives, yelling matches, sweet murmurs and a thousand kisses. They grew into a 'we' and she'd make him coffee even though she preferred tea. They had their rough patches, some longer than others, but in the end they would always fall into a deep embrace and never quite wake up from it again. Each fight made them stronger and they loved more fiercely. He would talk a bit too often of a girl from work, and she would go shopping and come home with two new pairs of shoes every week. After two nights on the couch he invited the girl over for dinner, and for three months they bought the cheapest toilet paper and lighted candles instead of lamps. When she was tired of cooking he brought her breakfast to bed, and when she accused him of lying to her, she bought tickets to a baseball game and let him bring his best mate. In the end, no problem was to large to overcome, because they had no room for hate in their hearts.

 (søte MartheogAndreas)


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